Thursday, August 21, 2014

the tongue p

Stick out your tongue and then use it to make something like a "p" sound. Is there a name for that sound? It's not really a "t" or a "th" or a "p." It's a whole separate thing. Surely *some* language uses it, right? 

Greta came up to me and said a new word in an unspecified foreign language (as is her custom); "Wun-∞a."

"Wun-tha?," you ask.

No! "Wun-∞a."


NOO!! "Wun-∞a."

Friday, August 15, 2014

a huge gift

Over the years, I've been the beneficiary a couple of times when a longtime musician retires. Yesterday I was honored to be bequeathed the massive music library of Loretta Cormier, who's moving to a smaller place — complete collections of many of the greats: Harry Warren, Sammy Cahn, Yip Harburg, Irving Berlin, Porter, Kern. Wow! All those back numbers to go through!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


A flashback from my childhood: I remember sitting in Ms Goodenough's class in 4th grade, listening to two songs at once in my head. We had the soundtrack to The Sting at home, which included my favorite Joplin, then and now, "Solace." Abba's song "Fernando" was on the radio, meanwhile, and I realized that their choruses had exactly the same chord structure and the same faux-Spanish sound. I'd sit there with both songs going on in my head, listening to how they collided and danced. I've still never heard it done physically, but I just now enjoyed the same modern motet all over again.

No doubt school wasn't entirely worthless, but I did and do tend to grade my classes based on how much opportunity they gave me for that kind of reflection — which, after all, is what helped give me the skills I use today.

Questions for discussion among teachers:
1. Was I goofing off, in a daze, or hard at work?